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Depending on the number of stages of the recruitment process, we try to deliver the candidates to the client as soon as possible – the first candidates are recommended within 5 working days.

To deliver what we promise, we developed an extensive, multi-stage, rigorous recruitment process tailored to a particular tech position that we continuously improve. When it comes to non-technical traits, there’s a behavioral interview that allows us to test soft skills, communication, English level and the candidate’s personality.

Depending on the client's needs, our procedures may differ. We begin with determining the expectations and processes on the client's side. We make every effort to conduct the most thorough knowledge and competence checks on the candidate. It's crucial that the recruitment process is not too drawn out, as applicants can be reluctant to participate in long and complicated recruitment. We provide services such as testing, verifying soft skills, checking technical knowledge, and assessing cultural fit with the company. To perform these tests of knowledge and skills, we use programming platforms, and depending on the needs of the clients, we can design custom tasks.

To find the best employees for our clients as efficiently as possible, we use a variety of tools and a plethora of different channels. We search for specialists on LinkedIn, Xing, industry portals, in social media, and we use our database of candidates, which currently has around 30,000 applicants. Moreover, we use traditional methods of sourcing, such as publishing job advertisements on the best and most effective job boards around the world. Additionally, we leverage outside databases, and each day, in an effort to offer our clients the greatest candidates, we search for and test new, innovative solutions. We tap into our extensive professional network, which includes developers recommended to us by some of the exceptional developers that we've recruited.

Around 30 000 with more exceptional developers coming in literally every day.

It very much depends on the characteristics of the recruitment, the tech stack required, and the salary offered. Usually, the number of candidates ranges from 50 to 300.

When you’re ready, we’ll assign a dedicated recruitment team and schedule a kick-off call to gain a deep understanding of your requirements. Communication is key, so we also set up a conversation on channels like Slack, WhatsApp etc., for quick, constant updates to keep you posted, as well as regular calls.

Once the developer is hired, we take care of sending an onboarding email where we include the developer's email. From that moment you can choose the best way to communicate, through e-mail, video calls, or any other tool you consider useful.

You are directly responsible for the tasks and responsibilities of the employee, we only take care of his/her well-being and carry out all the payment procedures and, if necessary, manage any tool or space that is necessary for his/her performance. The worker is fully committed to you and the assigned work team.